Gospel Guidebook: Getting and Keeping It Right  

YouTube Censoring Comments

Everyone knows that Youtube censors content, including the comment section of videos. In my experience, many of my comments are censored or immediately removed when I criticize the advancement of technologies such as AI, biotech, 5G, and so on. In addition to Gospel Guidebook, I operate another website called Reject Evil Tech with the purpose of warning people about technologies I regard as evil. As part of that initiative, I have personally sent out hundreds of emails to churches pleading with the leadership to consider the refusal of these technologies. Regrettably, I haven't gotten any positive feedback.

Seeing that so few people hold contrarian views to the advancement of technology, I find it strange that my content, which is in the extreme minority and only consists of emails, a static website, and some YouTube comments is censored or just completely ignored. I guess I could kind of expect it to be ignored, but the relatively little negative feedback I receive is also concerning to me because it just seems like people are absolutely indifferent to my opinion on this, not even feeling the impulse to ridicule me. I can honestly say that people just don't care, and I guess that is what bothers me the most.

In addition to my plea to Christian leaders, which has received no positive feedback, an example of one of my "banned" YouTube comments is as follows. I wrote this comment as a reaction to a Christian leader who was speaking against Transhumanism with only mild apprehension:

"Technology isn't neutral. Technologies that are allowed to reach the public for general use are not created in a vacuum. They are designed, developed, and deployed with a purpose. The potential for AI, biotech, and IT to be used for evil is tremendous, and who is even asking if God permits such technologies to even exist? Doesn't God also have red lines? Weren't the fallen angels in the book of Enoch punished for teaching humans forbidden knowledge? What about Christians like me who find this technological advance to be reprehensible? If we remain on this trajectory, people like me will be forced out of society in a couple years time. When the Internet was invented about 30 years ago, we weren't able to see where all of this was going, but now, we know exactly where all of this is headed and if we don't refuse, what will we say to God and what will we say to our children in 20 years time when our society has been turned into an open-air prison and the temple of our bodies has been defiled with the idol of so-called science?"