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If you have not yet believed in Jesus Christ for eternal life, I would recommend reading the tract The Secret to Life's Meaning and watching the video The Gospel - Plain and Simple. If you are a believer, I would recommend my short book Jesus Christ the Savior of the World, as well as the short booklet Starting My New Life in Christ.

It is vitally important to understand that eternal life is a gift from God received through belief in Jesus Christ. This means that it cannot be appropriated through repentance of sins or any other works. This also means that it is not dependent on a transformed life of good fruit. It is truly a gift with no strings attached (see John 4:10, Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8-9). This page contains articles and short books written by me on the topic of Free Grace and related topics. At the bottom of the page, I also include some links to books, articles, and videos I have found useful.

Free Grace and Related Topics

Revelation 3:5 and Eternal Security

Belief or Trust?

Explanation and Refutation of “Justification by Experientially Participating in Christ’s Death and Resurrection”

Believers and Disciples: Are They the Same?

Ephesians 2:10 and Good Works

The Significance of John 3:18 as Proof of the Free Grace Position

What is the Good News of the Bible?

Believing with All the Heart

Evidence of Salvation?

Does John 10:4-5 Teach that All Believers Endure to the End?

Proof of "Once Saved Always Saved" and "Free Grace" in Luke 8:12-13

Matthew 24:24 Does Not Teach that Believers Cannot Be Deceived

The Sermon on the Mount, Hebrews, James, and 1 John Do Not Teach Lordship Salvation

1 John 2:19 Does Not Teach that Believers Cannot Fall Away

John 20:31 Purpose Statement and Aorist Subjunctive

Jesus Christ the Savior of the World (Updated 2021) (PDF)

Gospel Guidebook (2019) (Q&A requires updating)

Why Jesus? (2012) (PDF)

Comments on Saving Faith (2012) (PDF)

Worshipers of God

Evidence and Comments on Substitutionary Atonement

Hebrews 11:8-9 and Doctrine of Imputation

Jude 4: Turning the Grace of Our God into Lasciviousness

Romans 4:17-22 and Demonstration of Abraham’s Faith

Hope for Christians with OCD

Faith in Christ that Works by Love

Who Are the Enemies of the Cross of Christ in Philippians 3:18?

"Faith of Jesus Christ" or "Faith in Jesus Christ"?

Greek Verb Tense: Time, Kind of Action, and Bad Scholarship

Misunderstandings about the Greek Present Tense

Translation of the Greek Present Indicative in 1 Corinthians 15:2

Links related to Free Grace Theology

What is Free Grace Theology? by Robert N. Wilkin

Renee Roland Youtube Channel (Renee is a Free Grace believer who believes in Conditional Immortality, also sometimes referred to as Annihilationism. Although I believe in Christian Universalism, Renee's view of the afterlife is still more gracious than that of most other Free Grace believers.)

Is "Continuous" Believing Required for the New Birth? by Steve Elkins

Hebrews: Lecture Notes (more technical) by Paul Tanner (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access this commentary. This commentary is more technical than his commentary in the Grace New Testament Commentary.)

Links to Free Grace Books

Confident in Christ by Robert N. Wilkin

Absolutely Free by Zane Hodges

The Faith that Saves by Fred Chay

Grace New Testament Commentary edited by Robert N. Wilkin (I recommend this commentary as a primary reference)

Tough Texts: Did Jesus Teach Salvation by Works? by Zane Hodges and Robert N. Wilkin (This book does a pretty good job with the Sermon on the Mount, but I did find some of the explanation to be incomplete. I may try to do a review of this book someday and supplement it with my own explanations.)

The Epistles of John by Zane Hodges (This content is also available in the Grace New Testament Commentary, although there may be some differences. I have the older version of the Grace New Testament Commentary, and I know that there is some overlap with Zane Hodge's books.)

The Epistle of James by Zane Hodges (This is an excellent commentary. See my comment above about the Epistles of John.)