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The Father Incarnated as a True Human Son

This short article is based on a Youtube Community post published by Caleb Purtscher regarding the nature of God. He effectively explains how the Father was incarnated as a true human Son as follows:

"Many Trinitarians throughout history have misapplied the word 'Son' with an assumption that it's referring to a person who is distinct from God The Father.

"None of the early church believers (Modalistic Monarchians) believed this doctrine. Instead they saw a distinction of two natures belonging to the same person, in which both of these impersonal natures were experienced by the same person in a way that allowed him to simultaneously experience and live a life in two distinct dimensions, namely, in heaven and on earth at the same exact time.

"The title 'Father' is always talking about the Spirit who gives life and creates but the term 'Son' always refers to the 'begotten' or 'generated' nature of the same person as a human being, a man or a biological entity. God generated Himself a body of flesh and blood to live inside for a specific dispensation and experience 'personhood' through the eyes of man while soujourning for a short time here on earth.

"Many of the prophetic and descriptive passages about the Son are speaking of His time here on earth. There is no contradiction whatsoever in the fact that He was experiencing prayer, suffering, weaknesses, and human emotions in the flesh as a man and as one who submitted that same flesh to His pre-existing Divine Spirit that dwelt inside.

"This is why 1 John 3:1-2 is so pivotal because it clearly teaches that 'the world knows us not because IT KNEW HIM NOT,' just as it says in John 1:10. By comparing these two passages of Scripture, we can see that it was the Father who VEILED HIMSELF in the flesh, and those who where not born of the Spirit but were carnal in their approach to the scriptures could not perceive this mystery! This accords precisely with Isaiah 45:15 where its says "Verily thou art a God that HIDEST THYSELF, O God of Israel, the Saviour."