Gospel Guidebook: Getting and Keeping It Right  


Free Grace Theology

What is Free Grace Theology? by Robert N. Wilkin

Renee Roland Youtube Channel (Renee is a Free Grace believer who believes in Conditional Immortality, also sometimes referred to as Annihilationism. Although I believe in Christian Universalism, Renee's view of the afterlife is still more gracious than that of most other Free Grace believers.)

Is "Continuous" Believing Required for the New Birth? by Steve Elkins

Hebrews: Lecture Notes (more technical) by Paul Tanner (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access this commentary. This commentary is more technical than his commentary in the Grace New Testament Commentary.)

Free Grace Books

Confident in Christ by Robert N. Wilkin

Absolutely Free by Zane Hodges

The Faith that Saves by Fred Chay

Grace New Testament Commentary edited by Robert N. Wilkin (I recommend this commentary as a primary reference)

Tough Texts: Did Jesus Teach Salvation by Works? by Zane Hodges and Robert N. Wilkin (This book does a pretty good job with the Sermon on the Mount, but I did find some of the explanation to be incomplete. I may try to do a review of this book someday and supplement it with my own explanations.)

The Epistles of John by Zane Hodges (This content is also available in the Grace New Testament Commentary, although there may be some differences. I have the older version of the Grace New Testament Commentary, and I know that there is some overlap with Zane Hodge's books.)

The Epistle of James by Zane Hodges (This is an excellent commentary. See my comment above about the Epistles of John.)

Christian Universalism (also known as Universal Reconciliation)

A Reply To "Universalism Refuted" Part One by A. E. Knoch (I disagree with Knoch's view on Dispensationalism and translation, but I agree with him in terms of Free Grace, Universalism, and the Sovereignty of God.)

Audio Bibles

New International Version UK (NIVUK) read by David Suchet (Click the book chapter and then click the "speaker" icon to access the audio Bible. I am a Textus Receptus guy, and I usually use the King James Version as my English Bible, but this audio Bible is so good that it has become an exception to the rule for me. This is my favorite audio Bible and it is great for devotions.)

King James Version (KJV) read by Max McLean (Click the book chapter and then click the "speaker" icon to access the audio Bible. This is an amazing reading of the King James Bible.)

Textus Receptus (TR) Greek New Testament

Scrivener's 1894 Textus Receptus (This is the Greek text underlying the King James Version. It is God's preserved version of the Greek New Testament.)

Textus Receptus with TR variants collated by Robert Adam Boyd (Although I prefer Scrivener's Textus Receptus, Boyd's version is a significant contribution to Textus Receptus research because it provides the variant readings among the different versions of the Textus Receptus.)

Jeff Riddle's Stylos Blog (Please note that Professor Riddle is Reformed, not Free Grace. He holds to Confessional Bibliology, which is a position similar to my own view.)

Textus Receptus Bibles by Keith Mason

Greek Studies

Essentials of New Testament Greek by Ray Summers (A solid introduction to New Testament Greek)

The Basics of New Testament Syntax: An Intermediate Greek Grammar by Daniel B. Wallace (This is basically an abridged version of Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, which has become the standard intermediate textbook for New Testament Greek. Therefore, it is kind of required reading, or at least useful to have on hand as a reference book. However, some of Wallace's explanations include theological bias. See Steve Elkins' article mentioned above for an example of this. Also, see this forum thread where the OP struggles to understand how Wallace can interpret the present participle of "believe" in John 3:16 as being both gnomic and customary at the same time. It is in regard to this very same point of contention that Fred Chay in his book The Faith that Saves says that Wallace commits the illegitimate totality transfer fallacy.

A Greek Grammar for Schools and Colleges by Herbert Weir Smyth (This is the gold standard of Greek grammars. It is for Classical Greek but still relevant to Koine Greek. Many Koine Greek grammars written by New Testament scholars include theological bias, so I like referring to Classical Greek grammars to get a relatively unbiased second opinion.)

Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb by William Watson Goodwin (Also for Classical Greek)

Human Rights

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (A treaty ratified by 173 countries providing extensive human rights, such as the right to confront one's accuser and the right to reject medical or scientific experimentation.)

You Have the Right to Remain Innocent: What Police Officers Tell Their Children about the Fifth Amendment by James Duane (A short book describing how to interact with police and government agencies. It covers United States law, but the principles are applicable to other countries too.)