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God Praying to God?

Trinitarian: "You people have God praying to God. How absurd!"

Oneness believer: "Are you suggesting that Jesus is not God?"

Trinitarian: "Of course not. Jesus is fully God."

Oneness believer: "Okay. So, are you suggesting that Jesus is a different god from the Father?"

Trinitarian: "Absolutely not. Jesus is a different person but the same God."

Oneness believer: "If He is the same God, then don't you also have God praying to God?"

Trinitarian: "No, because you have to take into account the three persons."

Oneness believer: "Regardless of the three persons, you still have God praying to God."

Trinitarian: "No, I don't. You're a moron! You'll never figure it out."