Gospel Guidebook: Getting and Keeping It Right  

The Sermon on the Mount, Hebrews, James, and 1 John Do Not Teach Lordship Salvation

In the Gospel Guidebook and several other articles, I provide a brief explanation of some of the so-called Lordship salvation proof texts in Hebrews, James, and 1 John. However, for people who would like a more in depth explanation, I would like to recommend some books and websites.

Grace New Testament Commentary edited by Robert N. Wilkin (I recommend this commentary as a primary reference)

Tough Texts: Did Jesus Teach Salvation by Works? by Zane Hodges and Robert N. Wilkin (This book does a pretty good job with the Sermon on the Mount, but I did find some of the explanation to be incomplete. I may try to do a review of this book someday and supplement it with my own explanations.)

The Epistles of John by Zane Hodges (This content is also available in the Grace New Testament Commentary, although there may be some differences. I have the older version of the Grace New Testament Commentary, and I know that there is some overlap with Zane Hodge's books.)

The Epistle of James by Zane Hodges (This is an excellent commentary. See my comment above about the Epistles of John.)

Hebrews: Lecture Notes (more technical) by Paul Tanner (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access this commentary. This commentary is more technical than his commentary in the Grace New Testament Commentary.)

Also see my Links page to see some other recommendations.